Rehabilitated former LTTE cadres to be subjected to medical inspection


The Northern Province health ministry has decided to examine the health conditions of the former LTTE carders, who have being rehabilitated.

Northern Province Health Minister P. Sathyalingam stated that if one needs to examine their medical condition, state hospitals will extend their fullest support.

The northern provincial council passed a proposal stating that certain rehabilitated former LTTE carders have died due to unknown diseases and another group has been diagnosed with unidentified illnesses.

The proposal further noted that an international investigation should be held regarding the matter.

Considering the proposal, the Northern Province health ministry decided to conduct the respective medical examinations accordingly. 

However, our news team contacted the Minister of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs D.M Swaminathan.

He noted that there is no issue with regard to subjecting these former LTTE carders to medical examinations. He added that if an incident is suspicious, the truth will be unveiled through the said examination.

Meanwhile, State Defence minister, Ruwan Wijewardena convening a media briefing recently, stated that such allegations are leveled in order to fulfill certain political agendas.

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