New Constitution; clause to stop alteration in the composition of Buddhist temples


The Government has decided to add to the new constitution provisions so that no President or Government can alter the composition of the country’s Buddhist Sangha Chapters.

A senior prime ministerial office spokesman said that as a result of this ordinance formulated according to a proposal of the Government party headed by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, no one would be able to alter the composition of any Buddhist Sangha chapter of this country.

The senior spokesman said that among the several basic clauses of the new constitution priority would be given to the proposal that the composition of Buddhist Sangha Chapters should not be altered.

It is said that after the inclusion of the above provisions in the new constitution the authority for action with regard to the composition of the Buddhist Sangha chapters would legally be vested on Chief Incumbents and the relevant Sangha Committees. 

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