Family of girl, 4, who suffered allergic reaction are removed from flight after asking crew not to serve cashews on board to anyone else in their cabin


The family of a four-year-old girl who suffered an allergic reaction on board a flight over the Atlantic Ocean claims a US carrier refused to accommodate them on their return journey because it is not ‘a nut-free airline.’

The Dublin family was flying to New Jersey when the four-year-old girl went into anaphylactic shock after eating nuts served on the United Airlines flight.

She was given a shot of adrenaline by a fellow passenger and the plane was forced to return to Dublin so she could be rushed to hospital.

However, despite agreeing to fly the family on a nut-free flight to New Jersey following her ordeal, United refused to ban nuts for the whole cabin on the flight carrying the family on their return journey.

The allegation comes just days after another four-year-old, Fae Platten, stopped breathing and passed out when she suffered a life-threatening allergy attack on board a flight.

Source:Mail Online

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