Brit mountain biker reveals horrific burns after iPhone 6 explodes and melts his shorts after crashing on trail


A British mountain biker has described the horrific moment his Apple iPhone 6 exploded in his shorts leaving him needing skin grafts.

Gareth Clear was on his own riding around Manly in Australia yesterday - a track he has ridden a 100 times - when he fell from his bike and landed on the mobile in his back pocket.

As he got up he almost immediately noticed smoke and then seconds later felt searing pain as the phone 'snap exploded' with extremely high temperatures.

Then the phone burnt through Gareth's pocket - melting his shorts as it melted itself - and then through two layers of skin on his upper right thigh.

The 36-year-old management consultant - who is originally from Winchester in Hampshire but moved Down Under six years ago - burnt his hands trying to at first remove the melting phone before trying to get his shorts off.

Gareth's injuries needed urgent medical attention, including skin graft surgery at a specialist burns unit.

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