UNP office in Galahagama attacked


An election office of the United National Party (UNP) in Galahagama, Uva - Paranagama, was attacked around 3 a.m, this morning.
The office, situated near Dharmaraja Vidyalaya, Galahagama, was established in a section of a vegetable shop owned by R.D. Ariyadasa, according to CaFFE. A three-wheeler that was used by the UNP office was set on fire and completely destroyed.
UNP Badulla District candidate Jayantha Kannangara said that the attack was carried out by the supporters of a ruling party member. “We held a successful meeting here with the participation of UNP’s chief ministerial candidate Harin Fernando. After that the organizers have been continuously threatened by persons traveling in jeeps at night,” he said.
The CaFFE says that so far there have been four instances of election related violence reported from Badulla, two from Haliela, one from Mahiyanganaya and one from Uva-Paranagama. Meanwhile one incident of election related violence was reported from Handapanagala, Wellawaya, Moneragala.

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