Missing Persons Office Is Part of Alleged War Crimes Investigation


Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa says that the proposed office for the missing persons to be enacted under a Draft Bill is part of the alleged war crimes investigations promised by the Good Governance.

In his statement to the media, the former president says the relevant Draft Bill to establish the so called office for the missing persons has already been presented to parliament.

The statement also says that all the parliamentarians who voted for this draconian Draft Bill should be held responsible for betraying the country, its people and the tri forces.

The former president opines that the proposed Draft Bill include several clauses in order to hunt down the tri forces of this country.

He also states that the proposed office for missing persons is not a part of the domestic judiciary system to implement law or mete out justice.

The former president, in his statement states further that this proposed office of missing persons will be established as an independent institution vested with powers to take action regardless of the Establishment Code.

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