Tourists feeding crocodiles


A motorcycle taxi driver in Thailand took alarming photos of tourists feeding hundreds of crocodiles from two makeshift rafts and posted them on social media, prompting the closure of what is being called the world’s most terrifying tourist attraction.

More than 4,300 crocodiles and gharials are split between two large ponds at the Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi Province. One pond is for breeding, the other is for tourists in floating cages to dangle meat from a pole and feed the dangerous crocodiles.

“I’ve been a taxi driver for more than 20 years and never seen anything like this before,” Jon Nok told the Mirror. “It looks so dangerous I just had to take a picture. The tourists were all Chinese and some of them were scared, others were enjoying it.

“People have been shocked to see that this happens.”

Certainly local authorities were. Once the photos went viral on Friday, police and government officials rushed to the crocodile farm. The Mirror reported that the attraction has been closed by the Fisheries Department for 90 days while safety checks are carried out.

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