Gazette Notification On Control Price Of 16 Essential Items Issued


The special gazette notification on the control price of 16 essential items has been issued today (15).

The Consumer Affairs Authority said businessmen who over price the goods mentioned in the gazette will be raided and cases will be filed against such individuals.

The controlled price of 16 essential commodities which have been exempted from VAT was announced yesterday (14).

Accordingly the price of a kilogram of sugar will be 95 rupees.

A kilogram of wheat flour will be 87 rupees while a kilogram of red dhal will be 169 rupees.

The controlled price of a kilogram of sprats imported from Thailand will be 495 rupees while the variety imported from Dubai will be 410 rupees.

The controlled price of green gram will be 220 rupees.  Chicken with skin 410 rupees, skinned chicken will be 495 rupees.

The ministry of Labour and Commerce Affairs stated that an imported kilogram of potatoes should be sold at a maximum price of 120 rupees, big onions 78 rupees and dried chilies at 385 rupees.

In addition a kilo of gram is 260 rupees, a packet of one kilo of imported powdered milk 810 rupees while locally produced powdered milk is 735 rupees.

At the same time, the price of a kilo of dried fish variety Katta has been fixed at 1100 rupees while Salaya variety is fixed 425 rupees.  The controlled price of a kilogram of Maldives fish and a tin of Sustagen will be 1500 rupees.

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