Palitha Thevarapperuma Freed from One Allegation


Deputy Minister Palitha Tevarapperuma who was remanded, along with three other suspects have been cleared from one of the charges made against them.

Matugama Magistrate Kosala Senadhira ordered to release the four suspects from the charge that they caused a loss of 89 thousand rupees by blocking the road. 

However the nine mothers who have been charged for encroaching Meegahatenna primary school and disturbing school activities have been assembled for an identification parade today.

Meanwhile the principal and the teaching staff have been summoned to Court to identify the suspects. The nine mothers were arrested on Tuesday and had been held in remand until today. 

Deputy minister Tevarapperuma and three other suspects were also remanded following their surrender to police on the same day.

Walallaawita Pradeshiya Sabha former opposition leader Dilip Pitigala and UNP member Jayasena Mallawarachchi are also among the arrested suspects.


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