Modi May Visit SL Next Year says Subramanian Swamy


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may visit Sri Lanka early next year, according to Dr Subramanian Swamy, head of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Strategic Action Committee.


Swamy told select journalists on the sidelines of the Sri Lankan Army’s Defence Seminar yesterday, that India’s policy on Lanka is being decided by the Government of India, and not the states, though the latter may be consulted.


Elaborating, Swamy said that he is in Sri Lanka attending the army seminar, despite protests by certain sections in Tamil Nadu, because both Prime Minister Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah had given him the green signal to attend.


Swamy said In November this year, the Indian National Security Advisor will visit Sri Lanka and Prime Minister Modi may come early next year.


Swamy reiterated that The BJP has a majority in parliament and will not surrender to the States.


He added that there will be no knee jerk reactions as a result of protests in Tamil Nadu.


On the TN government’s demand for the retrieval of Kachchativu from Lanka, the BJP leader said that the matter has been settled.


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