Triplets needs helping hands!


A resident of Ranchamadama Embilipitiya had delivered triplets on Wednesday at the Embilipitiya Base Hospital, doctors said.

Out of all three female children, two had been of average weight and the one who was below average weight was being kept at the premature baby unit, the hospital said.

The mother H.P. Iranganie (38) already have two boys and one girl. The eldest boy is 16.

Her husband, a farmer is happy about the three new additions to the family.

“We live by cultivating our lands and have no worries. We will endeavour to care for the three new babies and a sister of ours is helping us caring for them. If we receive help from benevolent persons we will not refuse as it will be a great relief to poor people like us,” the father said.

The triplets and their mother are presently under care and attention of the Hospital Gynaecologist Obstetrician Dr. W. Chandana and other hospital staff.

The triplets had been delivered via Caesarean section.

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