India delighted over MR’s release of fishermen


The High Commissioner of India in Sri Lanka Mr. Y.K. Sinha expressed his appreciation for the President’s gesture to release Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan custody on the occasion of India's Independence Day that is celebrated tomorrow when he called president Rajapaksa at temple trees today.

President Rajapaksa, expressing concern about the impact this situation is having on both the lives of fishermen and the environment, expressed the need for a permanent solution.

The Indian High Commissioner also briefed the President on the Indian CEO’s Forum that is set to take place this week in line with Indian Independence Day celebrations in Sri Lanka. When the President pointed out that there are quite a number of companies CEOs in Sri Lanka that are of Indian origin, Mr. Sinha said, “They are very happy here.”

“Government policies are very investor-friendly,” High Commissioner Sinha further said. “A lot of cooperation is happening.”

The High Commissioner also presented President Rajapaksa with a publication titled “India & Sri Lanka: A Partnership That Transcends Time,” which was published by the Indian High Commission and launched yesterday by Minister of Economic Development Mr. Basil Rajapaksa. The publication outlines the numerous development initiatives that the two countries have collaborated on in Sri Lanka.

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