Make PM Narendra Modi's Degree Public, Arvind Kejriwal Writes To Delhi University


Arvind Kejriwal has written to the Delhi University asking that details of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's college degree be put up on its website and shared with the public. The Delhi Chief Minister has also urged the university to keep the documents safe.

"We request you to take the necessary steps to protect these documents. It will be even better if all the documents are immediately put up on your website," Mr Kejriwal wrote in a letter to Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi.

"The people of this country have the right to know how educated their prime minister is. And if there are such serious allegations over the PM's degree, then the truth should come out," he said.

Referring to allegations that the prime minister never got a graduation degree, Mr Kejriwal quoted sources as saying that his admission form, mark-sheet and other details are not in the university's records.

"If he hasn't done his BA (Bachelor of Arts), then how did he do his Masters? It raises suspicion that his MA degree is fake," Mr Kejriwal wrote in his letter.

Mr Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have been doggedly pursuing the questions raised on the education of PM Modi, who had said in his 2014 poll affidavit that he had done his BA from Delhi University and MA from the Gujarat University.

Yesterday, Mr Kejriwal alleged that images of PM Modi's degrees published by some newspapers were "forged".

"DU refuses to show records of PM's degree. Why? My info- he did not do BA from DU," he tweeted.

Treating his demand as an RTI inquiry, the Central Information Commission last week directed the Delhi University and Gujarat University to search and provide information on PM Modi's degrees.

The Gujarat University on Sunday said PM Modi had scored 62.3 per cent in his masters as an external student, Indian media reports.

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