Minister Wijayamuni to take action against officers who ‘cooked and ate venison’


The Ministry of Wildlife Conservation says that an investigation will be launched into the incident where officers of the UVA Province Wildlife Department allegedly cooked and ate venison.

Minister of Wildlife Conservation, Vijith Wijayamuni Soysa noted that a group of officials of the department including himself, were able to identify those involved into the incident.

The minister said that six officers had been involved in the matter. The minister also noted that disciplinary action will be taken against those involved and steps will be taken to transfer these officers.

The minister also noted that a number officials at the Ministry of Wildlife and Conservation are believed to be involved in a racket which involved the selling of deer meat.

He further stated:

“The official in question had agreed that he purchased deer meat, cooked and consumed it. Around 4 – 5 people can eat the meat, a single person cannot consume all that meat. There is a another group which secretly consumed deer meat and they are also employed at the same office. He did not give an account on the details of the other group. He claimed responsibility. But we cannot have any employees who consume such meat. Our objective is to protect the wild life. This is bad and it had been occurring for a period of time now. I have given one of our officials to look further into the matter.”

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