Triple murder in Thirappane; bodies identified


The identities of three persons who were found shot dead inside a motor vehicle at Thuruwila in Thirappane, Anuradhapura have been revealed.

One of the three has been identified as Sarath Bandara alias S.F Bandara a resident of Nochchiyagama.

He has several charges in connection to murders and robberies.

It has been reported that the second individual, 24-year-old Udagedara Saman Kumara too have allegations levelled against him on misdemeanor.

The third has been identified to be 30-year-old Makunda Gamage Pradeep Kumara, a resident of Ginthota,

Information has come to light that the vehicle had been hired and its owner a resident of Gelioya.

According to the police media spokesman’s office, the bodies were discovered at 3.oo pm yesterday inside the vehicle C-A-K 0692, which had veered off the road at Thuruwila.

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