Profit of Sri Lankan Airlines to be Distributed Amongst People Following Its Success


Prime minister Ranil Wickramasinghe emphasizes that following the revival of Sri Lankan airlines through the amalgamation with a private entity, the profit obtained would be provided to the public.

Prime Minister had informed the officers of the airlines that following the revival, the company could engage in social service as well.

The profit obtained is to be utilized for education, health and for the provision of housing to low income families.

In order to attract interest and potential investors, the debt of 461 billion rupees has been taken over by the treasury.

Four previously ordered A350 aircrafts have also been cancelled.

The government believes that selling shares of 40% to a foreign company would mediate the debt crisis.

Prime minister informed the officials of Sri Lankan airlines yesterday that the government does not want to entertain the concept of a white elephant; letting money go to waste, by continuing to facilitate the airlines.

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