Veteran Director DB Nihalsinghe Passes Away


Veteran film director, editor, cinematographer and producer D.B. Nihalsinghe passed away at the age of 77.

He was known for his involvement in several iconic films of Sri Lanka including as the Editor of Sathsamudura in 1967, Director / Producer of Welikathara in 1971, Editor of Sagarayak Meda in 1981, Director/ Cinematographer of Maldeniye Simiyon in 1986 and of Director of Kelimadala in 1991.

He received Sarasaviya Awards for Best Editor (Sathsamudura - 1968), Best Editor (Sagarayak Meda - 1982), Best Director (Maldeniye Simiyon - 1987), Best Cinematographer (Maldeniye Simiyon – 1987) and Best Director (Kelimadala – 1992).

Nihalsinghe was also involved in the first colour TV drama in Sri Lanka, Dimuthu Muthu.

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