Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Birthday Party Was Better Than Yours


If someone asked me my favorite birthday memory, I would have to say it was my ice skating birthday party in middle school. There was a cookie cake and pizza—need I say more? But when Jennifer Lopez was asked the same question, her answer was a little bit different than mine. Just slightly. Ok, more than slightly—a lot different.

In a new video interview with W magazine, Lopez—who graces the magazine’s May cover—is asked about her favorite birthday memory. She thinks for a bit, then settles on her 40th birthday party in 2009. It was a surprise soirée thrown by her then-husband Marc Anthony and manager Benny Medina. Let’s just pause right here to think on the fact that J.Lo is now 46 years old—and doesn’t look a day over 30. Now, let’s continue.

She says it was a surprise party, and Anthony told her to dress up for a night out. When they approached their destination, Lopez saw a marquee that said, “Whatever Lola Wants.” It’s a song from 1955 made famous by jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, and Lopez says “Lola” was Anthony’s nickname for her. Magically, the song started playing on the street. Then, she says, she got to the party and it was, “Just like a movie premiere.” It sounds incredible

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