New regulations at Kebiliththa Devalaya


The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife Sri Lanka has introduced new regulations to devotees visiting the Kebiliththa Devalaya.

The shrine is considered to be very sacred and devotees believe that God Kataragama reside there, as a result thousands of people gather at Kebiliththa Devalaya annually.

To limit environment pollution the ministry has thus introduced the new regulations that are due to be implemented from this July.

Accordingly, people will be given access to enter the shrine via Kotiyagala and Ampara- Kumana sanctuary.

In each entrance there will be ticket counters where tractors will be charged Rs. 1000 and jeeps Rs. 2500. Heavy vehicles will not be given access, the ministry says.

In addition polythene will be completely banned in the area.

The shrine will be closed in September due to heavy rains.

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