Locals Accuse Meetiyagoda Police To Have Ties With Underworld Mobsters


A 51 year-old individual named G.V. Sunil has been molested by a group in a heated personal dispute in Meetiyagoda, Galle on 14th April.

The group has assaulted the victim on head using some metallic weapons.

The victim who was admitted to the teaching hospital, Galle is reported to be unconscious so far.

The relatives of the victim’s party claim that the complaint they lodged at Meetiyagoda Police station regarding the fatal assault has fallen on deaf ears as the relevant Police station has not initiated to seize the suspects yet.

They further claim that Meetiyagoda Police are having close ties with the suspect group who are members of underground groups.

However, The Officer-In-Charge of Meetiyagoda police refused the accusations and noted that the investigations are underway to seize the suspects as the group of molesters has fled the area.

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