Motorists Advised To Use Alternate Highway Exits During Festive Season


Ministry of Highways advised motorists to use alternate exit points on the Southern Expressway to avoid traffic congestion during the New Year season on April 13, 15 and 18.

The Ministry wants motorists using the Expressway between April 8 and 13 to reach the Godagama exit point avoiding peak hours (from 5.00 am to 10.00 am and from 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm) and to use alternate exit points if it was informed of a traffic congestion at Godagama exit point via Video Message Services (VMS) or other media.

Considerable traffic congestion is expected to occur at the Godagama exit point if too many vehicles arrived within a short space as there are only three exits there.

The Ministry requested motorists to retain the entrance ticket when arriving at the exit point and bring change cash to avoid delays.

Motorists were advised to exit from Pinnaduwa and drive up to Dewata or exit from the Imaduwa exit point and reach Weligama through Kananke, or exit from Kokmaduwa exit point and reach Ahangama and enter Galle road to travel towards Matara.

Heavy traffic congestion is likely to occur at the Kottawa Interchange between April 15 and 18, as vehicles arriving towards Colombo may increase and the Ministry has advised to use alternate exit points avoiding the Kottawa Interchange if notified via VMS of traffic congestion.

Motorists could exit from Kahathuduwa point and reach Colombo through Horana road or exit from Athurugiriya point and use the Malabe-Athurugiriya road or exit from Kothalawala exit point and enter Malabe-Kaduwela road or exit from Kaduwela point and enter Colombo-Hanwella road to reach Colombo.

The ministry also advised the motorists to adhere to security procedures when using the expressway specially avoiding driving under the influence of liquor, and exceeding the speed limit of 100 kmph.

The speed limit should be reduced to 60 kmph during wet conditions. Motorists are advised to stick to the left lane and enter the right lane only when overtaking and return to the left lane after travelling a distance of about 50 metres.

Motorists could obtain information regarding traffic congestion and other matters from the Galanigama Traffic Control Centre by dialling 1969 round the clock.


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