Baby in buggy falls into London train tracks (CCTV Footage)


His back was turned for only a moment. But that was all it took for a sudden gust of wind to send the buggy parked by a father flying on to live Tube tracks – with the terrified baby still strapped in.

In dramatic scenes that will strike fear into the heart of every parent, the child was left stranded with another train heading into the station.

The panic-stricken mother came running to the rescue – leaping on to the tracks and plucking the toddler to safety in the nick of time.

The heart-stopping images, captured on CCTV at a London Underground station, were released on Sunday by British Transport Police.

Although it appears the accident was a simple mistake, the couple could also face charges.

The incident had caused outrage online. One critic wrote: ‘How stupid can you get leaving a pushchair anywhere for a few seconds. Terrible parenting!’

Source: MailOnline

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