A 20 billion dollar fraudulent transfer from the country over 10 years disclosed


The Global Financial Integrity, an American Institute, carrying out the relevant probe, disclosed that during a ten-year period, from 2004 to 2013, a fraudulent transfer of 2.88 trillion rupees had occurred out of this country.

The sum was equivalent to 19.96 billion US dollars

The institute said that according to the probe a large group, including the country’s politicians, businessmen and tax fraudsters had been involved in this massive fraud.

 2011 has been identified as the year in which the largest financial fraud occurred, where 4.6 billion US dollars had been transferred out of the country.

The amount fraudulently taken out of the country in 2010 was 2.63 billion US dollars.

Washington-based Global Financial Integrity serves as an institution that carries out identification and analysis of illegal money. 

Meanwhile Deputy minister of Power and Energy Ajith P. Perera said that information had been received to the effect that several people from sri lanka hold accounts at the Panama Fonseca Legal Company.

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