Rs. 800 million loss during port workers strike


The Joint Harbour Trade Union Alliance says that the Harbour Authority has incurred an 800 million rupee loss over five days.

The loss is a consequence of the strike launched by the Joint Trade Union Alliance over five demands including New Year’s bonus allowance.

Its co-convener Laal Bangamuwagey said that an invitation has been received from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to give them an opportunity to discuss their problems.

Four Joint Trade Union Alliance members launched a fast unto death sitting at the Harbour import entrance number 3 last afternoon.

Its co-convener Laal Bangamuwagey told our news team that if solutions were not arrived at during the discussion with the Prime Minister, they would continue with the fast.

Tug trawler employees and Pilot Division employees refrained from work yesterday expressing their support for this trade union action.

However Sri Lanka Harbour Authority Managing Director Sarath Kumara said that this trade union action was an act of sabotage.

The Harbour Authority Managing Director also said that disciplinary action would be taken with regard to this.

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