India Kashmir university tense after cricket dispute


Tensions are high at a university in Indian-administered Kashmir following a row sparked by a cricket match.

Students and police clashed at the National Institute of Technology in the summer capital Srinagar, with police baton-charging students.

The mood had soured after India lost to West Indies in the World T20 cricket semi-final on Thursday.

Non-Kashmiris say local students cheered as India lost, stopping others from unfurling the national flag.

Campus authorities had to suspend classes amid security concerns after clashes broke out between the two sides.

Paramilitary police have now been deployed to maintain order.

Many people in the territory - especially in the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley - do not want it to be governed by India. They would prefer to be either independent or part of Pakistan.

The territory has been the spark for two of the three India-Pakistan wars: the first in 1947-8, the second in 1965.

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