5 killed in 2 accidents at Kakirawa and Dambulla


Five persons were killed in two vehicle accidents that occurred at Kekiraawa and Dambulla last afternoon.

Three persons were killed in an accident that occurred last afternoon as a result of a motorbike skidding off the road and crashing into a tree at Senapura in Galnaeaeva in Kekirava.

The two persons riding the motorbike died at the scene. 

The other person who had sustained  severe injuries in the accident died after admission to the Senapura Hospital.

The victims were aged 43, 32 and 27 years old and residents of Kekirawa.

Meanwhile two persons who had travelled in a three-wheeler were killed in an accident that had occurred as a result of the trishaw crashing against a luxury jeep at Hirivadunna on the Dambulla – Habarana main road.

The victims were aged 35 and 42 years and residents of Hiriwadunna.

The two businessmen who travelled in the luxury jeep were arrested in connection with the incident, they are residents of Trincomalee.

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