Electing of Asgiri Chapter chief incumbent today


The election of the 22nd Chief Incumbent of the Asgiri Chapter is scheduled to be held today.

The election will take place at the historic Observance Hall in the Asgiri Mahaa Vihaaraya.

Asgiri Mahaa Vihaara Chapter Sangha  Committee Member Venerable Maedagama Dhammaananda Thera told our news team that the Sangha would meet at 3 p.m. today to elect the Chief Incumbent.

The Asgiri Chapter Chief Incumbent’s post fell vacant with the demise of Asgiri Chapter Chief Incumbent Most Venerable Galagama Sri Atthadassee Thera on 9th last month.

Two Vice Chief Prelates had decided recently to come up for the post of the Chief Incumbent of the Asgiri Chapter of the Shyaamopaali  Order.

Accordingly Polonnaruwa Solosmasthaana  Chief Incumbent Venerable Venduruvey Upaali Thera and Badulla Mutiyangana Rajamaha Vihaara   Chief Incumbent Venerable Warakaagoda Gnaanratana Thera informed the monks of the Sangha Fraternity about their intention to come forward for the Asgiri Chapter Chief Incumbent’s post. This was done so with the traditional offering of betel.

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