Residents in Anuradhapura see shiny object in skies, hear loud noise


Photo used for representational purposes

Residents of several areas of Anuradhapura say that they have seen a mysterious shiny object in the sky and heard a loud noise.

Residents had seen an object, which had been shining brightly, moving across the Anuradhapura eastern sky. The object traveling a certain distance is then said to have fallen to the ground with a loud noise. Residents have not yet been able to discover the area where the object had fallen.

Police stated that residents of the Galenbidunuwewa, Habarana, Kahatagasdigiliya and Horrowpathana areas had also heard the loud noise.

Assistant Director of the Disaster Management Centre, Pradeep Kodippili said that reports were made to the centre of the loud noise being heard by residents of several areas.

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