India’s loss: MS Dhoni blames the dew and no-balls


India’s Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has blamed dew, which according to him affected spin bowling and two no-balls for his team’s seven-wicket loss against the West Indies at World Twenty20 semifinal.

"When they started batting the first few overs were fine, but after that there was a considerable amount of dew which meant the spinner couldn't bowl how they would have liked to," Dhoni said.

"The only thing I'm disappointed about is the two no-balls," he added.

"I feel that the point at which the no-balls were bowled were quite crucial. If we had got those wickets, we would have got the opportunity to bowl at one or two overs of the spinners and get away with them without giving too many runs.

"A no-ball is something that can be avoided especially the front foot no-ball ... the only thing is that if you don't want to bowl a no-ball you should never bowl a no-ball."

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