A stock of explosives including an RPG buried in Mannar unearthed


A stock of explosives including an R. P. G. that had been buried at Illuppai-kadavai in Mannar was unearthed yesterday.

Police said that unearthing of the explosives had been carried out according to a court order.

It has been revealed that these explosives had been buried during the wartime.

Meanwhile the investigations relevant to the recovery of a stock of high power explosives from a house in Maravanpulav in Chaava in Jaffna have been handed over to the Terrorism Investigation Division.

After questioning the suspect it was revealed that they had kept with them these explosives for the purpose of fishing.

However it has not yet been revealed how he got these explosives.

Similarly a senior Northern Province police officer told our news team that it had not yet been revealed whether he had been linked to the LTTE.

Police found four claymore mines, three parcels of TNT explosives, two packets of 9 millimeter live bullets, a suicide kit and a Claymore mine battery charger. 

However the Defence Ministry stated that discovery of such explosives and weapons from wartime affected areas is a normal occurrence. 

Addressing a media conference held in Colombo yesterday, Defence Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi said this incident was not in any way a threat to national security.

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