Disciplinary action against Principal of Southlands College - Galle


The Education Ministry says that attention has been drawn on taking disciplinary action in the near future with regard to the activities of former principal of Galle Southlands College Shaanthi Seneviratne.

Issuing a communiqué the Education Ministry says that yesterday the former principal had prevented Sandhyaa Pathiranawasam who had been appointed and dispatched as the new principal from assuming her duties as well as obstructed the performance of duties of the Education Director who had come to inquire about the problem.  

In the communiqué it said that the provincial education director as well as the education ministry had been informed about it.

On February 12th this year former principal of Southlands College Shaanthi Seneviratne had on her own sent a letter to the Education Ministry requesting for a transfer to the Southern Provincial Education Department.

Accordingly the Education Ministry Secretary had transferred her to the Southern Province Education Department on March 17th with the Public Services Commission approval.

The communiqué further says that it is regrettable that the former principal of Southlands College has taken action refusing to accept the transfer when it had been made after taking her request into consideration.  

Our news team inquired from Southern Province Education Director Jayatissa Block with regard to the problem prevalent at the Southlands College - Galle.

The Education Director said that the former principal had committed a serious offence by acting without being submissive to the Education Minister’s order.

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