Exploded transformer at Biayagama replaced


The CEB states that the activities to replace the recently exploded transformer at the Biyagama Power Substation have been started.

CEB Chairman Anura Wijepala said the installation will be completed by tomorrow

Meanwhile it is reported that the third phase of the Norochcholai Power Plant is being activated. 

A CEB Engineer told our news team that the Norochcholai Power Plant will be able to add its full capacity of 900 Mega Watts to the National Grid by this evening.

Meanwhile, in a communiqué, the Power and Renewable Energy Ministry stated that the prevailing power cuts will be halted as the Norochcholai Power Plant is generating its full capacity. 

At the same time, a group of CEB Engineers conducted a study after the transformer at Biyagama was exploded recently and, the study reveals that certain transformers and wire network of the system should be repaired. 

A special meeting with regard to the study findings will be held today.

Meanwhile addressing the media conference to inform Cabinet decisions held yesterday, Power and Renewable Deputy Minister Ajith P Perera said a new operational system to respond to power breakdowns will be established before the end of this year.

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