Norochcholai to add 300 mega watts to the National Grid


The Norochcholai Power Plant has been able to add 300 Mega Watts to the National Grid by this morning. 


Power and Renewable Energy Ministry Director Sulakshana Jayawardana told our news team that round the clock uninterrupted supply will be restored by tonight.


Meanwhile power supply was interrupted in several areas of the island according to the time table introduced recently.


Ministry Director Sulakshana Jayawardana further said that a 500 Mega Watts supply is still short as Norochcholai is yet to generate its full capacity of 900 Mega Watts.


At the same time, water levels of the reservoirs where hydro power is generated have been reduced due to the prevailing dry weather. 


Our news team enquired Ministry Director Sulakshana jayawardana whether any power cuts will be imposed in the future due to the current dry weather.

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