New pet laws to be implemented soon


A Bill that sets out laws pertaining to keeping pets in households and regulating pet shops is to be presented to Parliament soon, Livestock Development Deputy Minister H. R. Mithrapala said yesterday. 

Deputy Minister Mithrapala who was speaking during the debate on a private member’s motion in the House said the purpose of this Bill was to prevent animal cruelty. He said the Bill was being drafted by the Legal Draftsman and would be presented to the Cabinet soon.

Responding to a statement made by UNPMPBuddhika Pathirana that both beggars and stray dogs along the streets were undergoing immense suffering, Mr. Mithrapala said all beggars were con men as there was no person in this country who did not earn money.
Mr. Pathirana who moved the motion said there had been instances where beggars suffering from mental distress had killed other beggars by hitting them with rock stones. He also stressed it was important to create a sound environment for all animals including household pets to survive peacefully.
UNP MP Ajith P Perera said the Registration of Dogs Ordinance of 1938 which was introduced during the colonial period had become outdated today.

Her said only Rs 5 is charged to issue a licence for a male dog and Rs 7.50 for a female under this legislation. He said this had to be amended. However the MPsaid he should not be misunderstood as he was not asking for an increase in licence fees.

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