Jayalalitha threatens Sri lanka again


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said the Centre’s response has been inadequate with regards to the apprehending and detaining  of Indian fishermen. He has sought a “robust diplomatic response” on the emotive issue.

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she made referancer to the latest incident relating to the arrest of 28 fishermen from the State and reminded him that she had been repeatedly writing to him to ensure that such incidents did not recur.

She said the prolonged detention and disuse of boats under Sri Lankan custody along with the onslaught of the severe monsoon had caused irreparable damage to them. She reiterated that they should be restored in a refurbished condition to the fishermen at the earliest.

Jayalalithaa said that continued apprehension and detention of Indian fishermen by the Lankan Navy “is causing a deep sense of frustration and anger amongst the fishing community in Tamil Nadu.

Jayalalithaa urged Narendra Modi to direct officials of the Ministry of External Affairs to take concrete action through diplomatic channels to secure the immediate release of a total of 96 fishermen and 82 fishing boats from Sri Lanka.

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