Dankotuwa killers confess


It has been confirmed that the death of the five individuals found inside a van in Koshenawatta in Irabadagama in Dankotuwa had taken place at the weekly fair at Maakandura in Pannala.

A CID spokesman said that the five persons arrested in connection with the killing had made a confession with regard to the incident.

CID commenced investigations to determine if the blood stains found at the weekly fair in Maakandura, Pannala matched any of the 5 victims who burnt to death.

Vendors of the weekly fair have complained to the Pannala Police that they have observed blood stains on several buildings at the premises.

Following the complaint, the Pannala Police commenced an investigation.

The burnt van with 5 bodies was found on the 11th of this month.

Initially no details were found with regard to the incident, however, later it was revealed that the van belonged to a woman residing in Colpetty.

She had leased out the vehicle to a private financial company.

Later it was revealed that the company had offered the van to a person from Kajuwatta, Maakandura who recovers vehicles under lease with due instalments.

It is reported that this person offers money on interest, and engages in several illegal businesses, in addition to being charged for murder and theft. 

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