Explosion at the Biyagama sub office was the cause of island wide power failure


The Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy says that the islandwide power failure was due to a transformer malfunction at the Biyagama Grid substation, which connects the lines supplying power from Mahaweli Power Station to Colombo.

Chairman of the CEB Anura Wijepala said that an investigation is in process to confirm of the island wide power failure was in fact a technical failure or sabotage.

Chairman Anura Wijepala has made it known that he intends to hand in his resignation today,  after taking responsibility for the power failures.

This is the 2nd island wide power failure in the last 17 days.the first lasted approximately 3 hours on the 25th february.

In that instance, it was revealed that a technical fault in the high voltage cables transmitting power from Lakshapana power station to Kolonnawa via Polpitiya power station caused the power outage.

The power failure occurred after 2 PM, consequently leading to a domino effect  where several hydro power stations – including Canyon, Lakshapana, Polpitiya, Wimala-surendra, Upper Kotmale and Kotmale ceased operations automatically.

Minister of Power and renewable energy Ranjith Siyabalapitiya has summoned all relevant parties to the Ministry to commence an immediate investigation.

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