Vote taking on proposed Constitutional council to be held on Thursday


The Deputy Secretary General of Parliament Neil Iddawala says that vote taking on the proposed Constitutional Council will be held on May 10th. The relevant proposal was presented to parliament on February 23rd and the vote taking was scheduled for the following day.  However the Cabinet decided later to postpone the vote taking, a request made by SLFP members of the Cabinet.

Meanwhile the TNA has decided to vote in favour of the proposal.  Party MP Sumandiran told our news team that the decision was taken during a meeting held at the Opposition leader’s office yesterday.

The meeting was chaired by party leader R. Sambandan and several TNA MPs including Selvam Addaikalanathan and M.A. Sumandiran also participated.

At the same time MP Sumandiran said that an adjourning debate will be held in parliament tomorrow concerning the LTTE suspects who have been arrested under the PTA.

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