STF help to eliminate the underworld


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has instructed the IGP to reinstate the role of the Intelligence Units at police stations and carry out investigations to gather secret information.

Although intelligence units had been previously set up for obtaining tip-offs about the underworld as well as persons engaging in criminal activities, it was noted that these were not in operation during the former regime.

Steps were taken to transfer powers of these units to the Terrorism Investigation Division and the Three Armed Forces’ Intelligence Division.

In a report the ministry of Law and Peace submitted to the Prime Minister, it was stated that due to the continuation of this policy, the mechanisms for obtaining secret information about murders and  bogus trafficking taking place in villages  has completely collapsed.

Having taken all these factors into consideration the Government has decided to have the Intelligence Units at all police stations reinstated.

Meanwhile the minister of Law and Peace Saagala Ratnayake has instructed police to obtain the assistance of the police Special Task Force, if necessary for eradication of trafficking and activities of the underworld.

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