ISIS fighter films his own death on GoPro [VIDEO]


This is the shocking moment an ISIS fighter is killed by gunfire.

The militant, along with fellow jihadis, was storming a compound and a POV camera worn by the fighter filmed the whole episode. The end of his gun can be seen as he fires at his opponents who are next to a stone building.

Gunshots fly through the air as both sides attack each other.

But as the man moves forward alongside a wall and raises himself, presumably to get a better aim, he is struck by a bullet. He tumbles suddenly to the ground, the camera spinning away from his body as he rolls.

It comes to a rest, lying on the rocky ground, with a small part of the dead militant’s trainer showing in the frame.

The video is now being used for ISIS propaganda and a soundtrack has even been added to the grim footage.

Some soldiers went on to take photos of the corpse as part of their campaign to glorify martyrdom.

ISIS’s propaganda has been escalated recently following a spate of losses in Iraq where its territory has diminished in the wake of attacks by Iraqi government forces and Kurd militias.

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