Warrant issued for Uva Provincial council Minister Sendil Thondaman


The Hatton District Judge and Magistrate Prasad Liyanage issued warrants for Senior Vice Chairman of Ceylon Workers Congress and Uva Provincial Council minister Sendil Thondaman this morning. 

Warrants were issued for Thondaman following his failure to appear before Court. 

Sendil Thondaman was accused of disrupting a vehicle in Shanan along the Hatton Colombo road.

Former deputy minister of the previous government and a state minister of the current government Palani Digambaram was travelling in that vehicle in 2014.

When the case was taken before Court today, Sendil Thondaman’s lawyer produced a medical certificate, citing his client was ill.

However the Judge was told that the suspect never appeared before Court when this case was called in the past. 

Later warrant was issued on the suspect and the case will have it next hearing for September 6th.

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