No flaw in the A/L economics paper; Examinations commissioner


Examinations Commissioner General W.  M. N. J. Pushpakumara says that the board which prepared this year’s Advance level Economics question paper informed him that there are no errors.


Ruhunu University Economics Division Senior Lecturer Nandasiri Kimbiyahetti told yesterday that there were flaws in the said question paper.


The Senior lecturer said that there were errors in questions 23, 25, 33, 38 and 46 of the Economics multiple choice question paper and also the 5th and 6th questions of the second part of the question paper.


He further stated that the Economics Question Paper had not been prepared according to the emphasis given in accordance with the syllabus.


The Lanka Teacher Services Union too had pointed out that there were errors in the Economics question paper by sending a letter to the Examinations Commissioner.


The Lanka Teacher Services Union has pointed out by its letter that the reason for such an erratic question paper being prepared was the decision the Education Minister had taken to remove Senior Professor Danny Atapattu who had been preparing the Economics Question Paper for a long time.


Examinations Commissioner General W. M. N. J. Pushpakumara said that he drew the attention of the Board who prepared the question paper, to the letter concerned and the flaws the Senior Professor had pointed out.


The Examinations Commissioner General told that the said Board had, in response, informed him last night that there was no error in the question paper.    


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