Minister of foreign affairs say that the international participation of the local investigation of the judicial process is open


The Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera says that Sri Lanka has not pulled back on the international contribution with regard to the investigation into the alleged human rights violation during the war.

The minister made this statement after meeting US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington. 

He also stated that the victims of war expect justice from the new Court of law to be set up consequent to the accountability and reconciliation mechanism.He went on to say that international contribution implies the participation of judges, investigators, lawyers and forensic experts.

The setting up of this judiciary system could take place within the next five to six months.  The minister also stated that the broadened process will be formed after having discussions with all political parties including the TNA.

Minister Samaraweera said that the country’s judicial system which had been politicized for years has redirected itself onto the right track .

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