Spotlight on Nordic recruiting ground for Isis fighters' child brides


The lakes and forests of Scandinavia might seem an unlikely place to find the child bride of an Islamist warrior. But flawed integration of a fast-growing immigrant minority has combined with the internet to turn Sweden into a new recruiting ground for the proclaimed caliphate.

When Marilyn Nevalainen, a white, Swedish, 14-year-old, fell for a north African refugee, she started a journey that ended in Mosul in Kurdish Iraq, where she was rescued from Islamic State militants last week.

Born in a Swedish family in rural Mark county, south-west Sweden, Marilyn, now 16, moved in with foster parents in Halland, south of Gothenburg. Her 19-year-old boyfriend started talking to her about Isis, and showing her films. When he asked her to go with him to Syria, she said yes.

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