Asgiriya and Malwathu chapter against the opening of the road in front of the sacred temple of the tooth relic


Both the Malwatta and the Asgiri Chapters express their protest against the reopening of the road in front of the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic.Asgiri Chapter Chief Incumbent most venerable Galagama Sri Atthadassee Thera said that opening the road would be disrespectful to the Sacred Tooth Relic.

A kilometre stretvh of road along  the Kandy – Mahiyanganaya A 26 Road that runs in front of the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic was closed down during the war.

 arious sections had recently requested that the re-opening of the closed stretch saying that the closure caused severe traffic congestion and heavy air pollution.

A Tense situation erupted between two groups during a protest staged last Friday in connection with this.

However the Asgiri Chapter Sangha Executive Council had organized a special meeting in Kandy yesterday to propose that the Government provide an alternative route.

A group of Malwatta Chapter Sangha executive council led by Vice Prelate Venerable Niyangoda Wijithasiri Thera also participated in the meeting.

A group of representatives of the Kandy Civil Organisations and Associations too was present at the Sangha executive council meeting.

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