Uduwe Dhammaloka thero challenges the authorities stating “ if rearing an abandoned elephant calf is an offence, then arrest me!”


Venerable Uduwey Dhammaaloka Thera says that he had reared the elephant calf that had been left behind at the Temple and there was nothing illegal carried out.

Venerable Uduwey Dhammaaloka Thera was recently charged in connection to keeping an elephant calf sans permit at the Naraahenpita Alen Maetiniya Temple.

Informing the court the Attorney General’s Department too said that there was evidence to prove Uduwey Dhammaloka Thera as a suspect in connection with keeping an elephant calf without a permit. 

Uduwey Dhammaloka Thera had called a media discussion  yesterday to provide answers in connection with these charges.

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