The prison cell detaining Yoshitha made a special zone


The area around the Colombo remand prison cell, detaining the group including Yoshitha Rajapaksa has been made a special zone.

The group was arrested over an alleged offence under the Money Laundering act.

Replying to a query made by our news team, Prisons Commissioner General H. N. C. Dhanasinghe said that prisoners involved in crimes of special categories kept in cells around the room detaining the five persons including Yoshitha Rajapaksa have been evacuated.

Reports say that stringent laws have thus been imposed after locating a mobile phone in the cell adjacent to the prison room detaining the group including Yoshitha.

Five persons including Yoshitha Rajapaksa arrested in connection with several charges including the use of State property for C.S.N. channel promotion and the setting up the channel out of unjustifiable financial allocations are currently detained in remand prison till 25th this month.

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