India gets ready to reveal the names of Sri lankan doctors involved in the Kidney racket


Armed with fresh leads in the kidney racket, the Cyber Crime Police of Hyderabad are gearing up to expose Sri Lankan doctors, who had been clandestinely helping the racket to run successfully.

After a year-long investigation, police found that all the accused who were arrested on charges of acting as agents in luring customers were once victims.

Almost all the agents arrested in the kidney racket across the country had sold one of their kidneys for 500 thousand rupees which was the amount fixed by agents

The investigation report over the revelation by Indian police about the involvement of six Sri Lankan doctors in a kidney racket was handed over to the Health Minister recently.

The Health Ministry stated that the five member Committee which probed the incident has investigated the private hospitals and obtained relevant data.

The Health Ministry temporarily halted kidney transplants being performed on foreign nationals after the racket was disclosed by the Indian police.

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