The Wi-Fi in the White House is just as bad as yours


The White House may be a symbol of American strength and leadership, and an impenetrable fortress only conquered by those who dare to jump the fence, but when it comes to Wi-Fi, it's just like your home. In an interview with CBS, President Obama revealed that the Wi-Fi in the most protected building on earth is kind of sketchy.

"We've been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks, because it is an old building, and so there's a lot of dead spots where Wi-Fi doesn't work," President Obama said. Michelle Obama said their daughters weren't thrilled with the connection either. "It can be a little sketchy," Michelle Obama said about the Wi-Fi. "The girls are just irritated by it sometimes."

It's kind of ironic the leader of the wealthiest country — and more importantly the boss of the CIA, NSA, and DARPA — can't get a decent Wi-Fi connection in his home. But then again he probably has that awful Comcast modem / router combo too. In this one instance, we all feel your pain.

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