Person called for obtaining a statement hospitalized after been assaulted by Police


An incident has been reported where the police had assaulted an individual who had been summoned to record a statement in connection to a robbery, in Baduruliya- Kalutara.The individual assaulted was a three-wheel driver.

The robbery had taken place on the 21st of January and the driver of the three wheeler who was on a hire along with the resident of the house had arrived at the location during the robbery.

It was reported that the driver of the three wheeler witnessed a suspect fleeing the scene.

 The wife of the assaulted individual noted that the Wadduwa police summoned him to the Wadduwa Police station in order to record a statement..

 The assaulted three wheel driver, Sumith Sampath stated that the police forced him to identify an individual on a picture which was shown to him and assaulted him during the process.The assaulted driver was initially admitted to the Baduruliya hospital and for further treatment, he was transferred to the Nagoda base hospital.

When Our news team inquired about the matter from the Police media unit, it was said that they hadn’t been informed about such an incident.

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